Practicing then relearning guitar

I wonder have many of you have noticed sometime in your guitarist’s life that you have been practicing something for a while, thinking it is well played, you start going faster… Then, suddenly in the way, you notice you are not doing it as right as you thought you were.

You start that particular thing again, with a different approach or some adjustments, which you consider them to make it better. Have to start over from a lower speed, where it is “clicking” with you and having a better feel of it, more natural both on your fingers and in your ears.

Has this happened to you?

I have found myself that after being more dilligent with my practice sessions for around a year, I have had this experience I’m talking about more than once. I’ve been relearning how to play.


Yes! I’ve relearned my hand position and picking technique numerous times. Haha! Right now, I’m configuring/modifying/relearning my visualization.

In the middle of that very process right now! It was not just relearning a certain thing , but I’ve come to the conclusion a year or two ago that I need to completely re-program the movements in both my hands since the bad technique I was using is either limiting the things I can do or it risks injury. @kiko’s lessons and courses reassured me that it is the way to go. My right hand motions are becoming pretty decent, but my left hand has ways to go. When playimg easier things I can stay closer and closer to the board, but the more I struggle the more my fingers start flying around. The other thing I’m working on is to keep my left palm parallel to the neck. I realized that I tend to let my left hand hang by the index finger. That keeps my fingers far from the strings, slowing me down and creating a lot of noise when I reach for the lower strings.

Yea I never was one for 3NPS I always felt my hands were too small. So when I taught myself I picked up the 5 Pentatonic boxes and the corresponding Diatonic scale shapes. Then I realized how the 3NPS fit in between those shapes. Now wishing i had stretched out for 3 NPS it for sure makes running the board smoother and quicker. Visually you can see more similarties too between the NPS shapes in my opinion.

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