Practice and Memorize the 7 shapes

Hi everyone. I’ve already been practicing and memorizing the 7 shapes in G major. Would you say it’s best to fully have it in muscle memory before continuing to the next lesson? Meaning no mess ups. Thanks!

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I recently started this lesson as well. Personally, I am not moving onto the next section until I have all 7 positions memorized. I want to know the positions well enough that I don’t have to reference the tabs and I want to be able to play each note clearly at a decent pace before I move to the next section. If that takes a couple days or a couple months, so be it.


Yeah definitely and also pacing yourself so you can hear the right notes for them.

I tend to bounce around. If I get bored or frustrated with memorization I’ll work on technique or trying to learn a song. I like the approach of breaking up my practice. If I’m doing an hour or 2 I might break the practice into 4 sessions which equal 2 hours total. I like it cause it gives my time to digest what I just did and lets me rest.