Poll: How many strings are you playing?

Hi, Everyone,

Given that we are a large and growing community of guitarists, I would love to know how many strings you play on your guitars. Hence, a poll!

You can select up to three options (as many of us play more than one guitar):

  • 6 String
  • 7 String
  • 8 String
  • 9 String
  • 10 String
  • 11 String
  • 12 String

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Of course, if you are playing guitars with more strings, let us know (and maybe share a picture!)

Also, I would love to know what tunings you are playing in. So, for example, I play 7 string guitars in Drop A.

Let’s do this!


I usually tune in standard tuning for my six string guitars unless the song I’m playing is something different… 1/2 step down, D Standard, Drop C, whatever.
My 7-string I generally use B standard, Drop A, or Drop G#… will tune differently if needed for the song I’m playing.
My 8-string is something I’m just starting to mess with so far it’s a learning process and I’ve kept it in standard tuning so far.

In before somebody asks about the 12 string guitar, I also try to play a 12 strings chapman stick, which (I learned the hard way) is even harder to play than it looks :slight_smile:


well… On my new album I experimented 7 and 8… 6 strings is still my thing. It’s even harder when you try to switch all the time in between 6 7 8. The 8 feels like a surfboard… and then the 6 feels like an ukulele…
Please check Yamandu Costa to listen to the Brazilian traditional 7 strings acoustic guitar. This guy is incredible.
Others… Rogerio Caetano, Raphael Rabello… to google type “Violao 7 cordas”


Haha yeah…I don’t think I would want to play with a 7 or 8 string guitars.

@kiko on your old website (green one, before No Gravity I think) you had a gallery of instruments you own (mostly Tagima) and I could have sworn there was at least one 7 there. Am I wrong? Was there any extended range guitar on your recordings pre Open Source?

On topic: I play 7 most of the time and in any band situation. I also have a 6 which I play occasionally just so that I don’t look like an idiot when hands me his 6 :slight_smile: There is also a cheap 8 which I am yet to learn how to use.

Hey @zvekan Yes! 7 strings. I recently (2 years ago) got the 8 strings . On Open Source I’m using 8 and 7 and D Standart … but still 6 strings for all solos and most of the parts

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