Poisonous shadows verse and chorus to solo

*just playing the chorus and verse, I didn’t learn the whole song really just wanted to show the Machine gun picking and how you can have your pinky finger anchored and it doesn’t mess up your playing. I played on a hardtail, I may learn the whole song and post later, I’m guessing on some of the notes and phrasing and I made mistakes but oh well…I don’t look very tense, so to all beginners it is possible, D Standard tuning with Elixir 10/52 strings.

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A lot of great players anchor to the guitar… John Petrucci and Michael Angelo Batio to mention a couple. I think it’s really all what you feel comfortable with.

Great playing, I love that song.

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Thanks David,

there was a guy asking on the forum about anchoring the pinky and I have always done it so hopefully he sees it, I may spend more time to figure out the beginning of song but the solo may be out LOL, I just watched Kiko play it and recorded it on my iPhone 8 plus, some mistakes but I was happy with it. thanks again…Steve


I don’t think this is breaking any rules, if so… oopsies. @Giorgio, please delete if the following link is an issue.

This site: Elton Tabs is a good place to get Megadeth tab’s. I think you and others may find it useful. :slight_smile:

thanks David!!!

FYI the 52 Gauge string makes it easier to alternate pick the verse’s because the tension on the string is greater than the tension on a 42 or a 46…

Cool!:sunglasses:. Sounds great!

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