Poisonous shadows II

this version is the same as Kiko plays it with a few minor exceptions…all the chords are correct on this one.


I was thinking to add this song to my set list. I’m definitely feeling the vibe here on this song. I love Kiko’s contribution to this song with his lead guitar playing and keyboard work… I think it certainly adds a touch of color to Dave’s gun metal grey sound…

Anyways I have alot to work on before Megadeth gets here on there tour. I have to cover and sing some more Megadeth songs! :wink:

Great job on those riffs brother I’m definitely feeling you bro. Keep up the good work :love_you_gesture::black_heart::love_you_gesture:

Riff~Life :purple_heart:

Best Regards,


hey FRISCO!!! thanks man… I have had a lot on my mind lately or I would have done the intro also. thanks for the kind words that song is a groovy metal song to me and Kiko does bring a lot to this song… have a great day :grinning: :grinning: