Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" Riff~Life ๐Ÿ’œ

Working on my pentatonic scales. I have to say I can see the improvements in my guitar playing thanks to Guitar Hacks. This is actually a song that I have on my set list when I go out to play a live show. I know its still a little rough around the edges considering I havenโ€™t played this in over a year.

Only took me about 20 min to get this cover back up to speed. I recorded the backing tracks on my loop pedal to back me up in a short time.

Feels good to finally play some music. I been practicing daily and it certainly does keep me sharp. I admit I been down and out lately so it feels good to finally come back out of the darkโ€ฆ

I hope yโ€™all enjoy. Riff~Life :purple_heart:

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Alright Frisco!!! Gotta keep playing the songs we love. Thats why we do this man!! Good to see it!!

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Thank you brother, your absolutely right :blush:

Thanks for sharing @Frisco_Sensing, I am embedding the video here:

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This sounds great!
When you play it live, do you also record the backing track live with your pedal before playing over it?

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Well actually thatโ€™s a good idea to record my own backing tracks. I actually use my lap top with some backing tracks that I pick up in line.

I am fortunate to have found some local musicians to participate in some of the songs that I like to play as most of my live performances consists of of going to do a open mic in my area.

I was really hoping to get some paying gigs this year as I have invested more money into my equipment toward the end of last year.

Sadly enough itโ€™s hard to get a paying gig this year with the covid 19 and the limited capacity at all the local bars and restaurants.

I definitely need to shift my gears and figure something out my friend.

Iโ€™m glad you enjoyed that Giogio.

Thank you so much brother! :blush:

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