Patrick Rondat - Burn Out (cover)

Being French I am huge fan of Patrick Rondat, I finally managed last year to do full cover of this awesome track from his second album ‘Rape of the Earth’. Hope you guys dig it!

Patrick Rondat - Burn Out (Full song cover by Shoi Sen)


You wrote that you improvised the 3 solos, but I could only hear one… :smiley: I hope you had a fire extinguisher around while playing, you were on fire! :fire: :fire: :fire:

amazing job, well done and played

hahah thank you. The way Patrick has it structured it’s sort of 2 solos at the end and one in the middle. But yeah at the end it’s just minutes and minutes of shred.

thank you so much for watching and glad you enjoyed it!!!

Yeah, well what I meant was that it’s one huge solo, shred from start to finish. It’s a sort of compliment in my own weird way :upside_down_face:

Btw never heard of the guy, so it’s high time to check him out I guess…

You really should all his albums are amazing. He was also Jean Michel Jarre’s guitarist for 10 years and they used to do a vivaldi cover on stage together.