Most interesting background riffing?

Hi, All,

This might sound a little odd, but I am curious for your thoughts.

So, some of my favorite songs have solo and lead sections where the melodies are obviously the focal point in the song, but there are some really juicy background rhythm parts going on.

These rhythm parts are usually interesting if you zone your ears into them, but subtle enough to not take a way from the leads.

A few examples:

I find these kinds of rhythms incredibly satisfying, and especially important in framing the leads we write.

Do you have any songs like this you can share with other good examples?


From the top of my head I’d say Dave’s riffing in Lucretia under Marty’s solo is really cool!

Also, this Hexen song has a pretty involved riff behind the melody starting at 1:22

I definitely like the 2 guitar approach.