Meeting together with Kiko

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. I really enjoyed today’s meeting as it was nice to hear your voices and see your faces and guitars.I know I’m not the most computer savvy guy as for most of my life I was a finish carpenter and hands on kinda guy which brings me to playing guitar when I folded my bushiness ten years back during the housing crash. Anyways getting back to the point I realize now that I should have used my new lap top vrs. my phone on the meeting today because it was hooked up to a Ethernet cable vrs. wifi and also has a camera on it. Unfortunately on my phone my mic. did not seem to work and my video kept cutting in and out so it was a very difficult moment for me and that is why I was not able to engage everyone. Well regardless of not being able to engage much it was a real pleasure to meet everyone today and I look forward to getting to know everyone some more and sharing in our progress within the Guitar Hacks community.

One love to everyone and all glory to God. Stay healthy and safe everyone. :blush:

Best Regards,



There were Thunders here, so ther’re were lots of cuts also!
I also really enjoy it, you seem to be all very kind and cool !

And I loved to see Kiko playing and Harmonize Frère Jacques :rofl: :hugs: :pray: