\M/ "Leper Messiah" (cover) Riff~Life 💜

I’d thought I’d just share one more. There are other topics that I would like to focus on here on Guitar Hacks like learning how to express one self through music, like total musical expression. This is why I joined the group as well. Anyways I learned to play this one back in 1–2019. I have about twenty songs on my set since then. You can definitely hear the Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield influence in this song.

Most people her are stuck in a time warp around here and they like play a lot of Alice and Chain’s, Green Day, Nirvana, and Grunge Death Metal, and well many other things. I guess I am stuck in a time warp as well as I like to play some old school Heavy / Speed Metal. They just don’t compose songs like they used to and It’s hard to find the right player"s in my area. Regardless I’m collaborating with others playing live and having fun bringing live performances of my favorite era of music…More than that I just have a love for music

Please Enjoy!



Another good one! I share your love for music and find your enthusiasm for it inspirational.

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Great voice Frisco !!

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