Live with Kiko #5

Hi everybody, an email is going out shortly but in the meantime, I am announcing here the next live with Kiko will be on July 11th, check the event page for more details: .
As always, ask your questions there and the most up voted questions will be answered by Kiko live.

This is a private video event for people who purchased Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy.



Nice! The last one was great. Try not to miss this, Hackers!

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A great hour with Kiko, coming hot on the heels of his latest solo release (which I’m sure we’re all currently absorbing). He looked well rested and was eager to chat about all things guitar.

He answered the top three questions about practicing from some of the students, which were:

  1. How to approach speed once sloppiness becomes a factor.

  2. Improv and ear training.

  3. Legato and pull-offs.

He jammed a bunch of examples as well.

Kiko is gearing up to release a new course on scales and modes which will be available for purchase in the near future. It’s going to be great!