Lick of the week club

Anyone want to do a lick of the week club? One person could post tab for something they come up with including the chords it would be played over and then people could post videos of them playing it. I am sure we could all learn some new ideas from each other.


That’a interesting! I have an idea I could post but no tabs, do you think it would work if somebody posted a video of their playing instead?

I guess that depends on how hard it is for others to learn! Maybe if you do a fast and a slow version.

I had a somewhat similar idea in the below thread, didn’t get much attention… :smiley:

Anyways, sounds cool by me, I’m in!


I’ll start a new thread and post my lick to get week 1 going. It will be a short one just to make it simple. Post your video reply when you can! \m/