Latest Practice and Du Monde

Hey all,
It’s been awhile. Been a rough period lately personally and hopefully I will be back on more often now as things are starting to level here.

I have continued to work on Kiko’s Du Monde but got stuck and mired a bit in the fingerpicking challenges around the classical guitar pieces. As long as I have played guitar I have not given much focus to that side of playing.

I have been stepping back recently to break this song out into sections to get my head around things I will need to be working on. Here is what I got which is just my own personal way of naming sections. I could have easily created more sections. There is so much that could be said of them it is staggering.

Section 1 - Classical Guitar Opening - 0-23 seconds

Section 2 - Distorted Chords Intro - 23-52 seconds

Section 3 - Hybrid Melody - 52-1:10

Section 4 - Shreddy Runs 1:11-1:22

Section 5 - Dramatic Melody 1:23-1:54

Section 6 - Simple Classical Melody 1:55-2:14

Section 7 - Sinister Hybrid (Setup for Launch) 2:15 - 2:21

Section 8 - Melodic Solo 2:22 - 2:45

Section 9 - Landing Melody 2:46-3:00

Section 10 - Distorted Chords Outro 3:00 - 3:11

Section 11 - Dramatic Melody Closing 3:12 - 4:05

Section 12 - Classical Guitar Outro 4:05

Breaking this out into different sections to focus on and take notes around as I work through these. As I looked at these different sections and considered all of what is in them I actually sat back and laughed saying “what a beast of a song I have picked to learn! AM I NUTS?!!” :slight_smile:

There are so many techniques in this song if this was all I learned in a year I will have reached some major playing goals for myself. I am really trying to reinvent my playing. Getting there.

Becoming obsessed with hybrid picking… :slight_smile: