Killer interview with Dave of Megadeth

Is long but I really like it.


Yeah, I already watched it two times last week…:smiley:

As someone in the comment section said this is the most likeable Dave’s been in the past 30+ years… :rofl:

But seriously, he looks super chill, sincere, kinda “naked”. Absolutely no jabs at anyone, not even Kirk. Well, except for that one poke at Axl, but that was spot on and hilariously funny. :rofl:

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I only watched half of it so far but I really like it. It’s halfway between an interview and a documentary but almost closer to a documentary.

It was nice to see that handwritten letter from Cliff, and all those pictures from the early days…

It’s really interesting to hear all that story summarized through the eyes of Dave. Every interview I had seen with him so far only focused on one particular “phase” of the history of Megadeth or one particular aspect of the music, or the addictions, or the religious beliefs etc. etc.
It’s good to have just “the guidelines”… For a change :grin: It actually helps to understand and put things into perspective.

Thanks for posting this :+1:

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