Kiko's Youtube Live #13

Just wanted to confirm what I’ve learned from @kiko latest Youtube live which is about the advanced application of modes.

From what I remember, heads up I can’t recall the whole progression, the progression goes something like E5-F#5-C5. From this harmony, I can say that this is in E Aeolian key and I can solo the whole progression by just thinking in E Aeolian. But then @kiko also tried E dorian in E5 and also for some other chords he changes from minor to major.

Does this mean that for every chord in a diatonic progression I can think of every chord in it as a separate or different mode? Like what I said earlier, I can just think of the whole thing as E Aeolian, but if I’ll think of every chord then I can think of E Phrygian for the E5 then F# Locrian for F#5 then C Mixolydian or C Dorian for C5? Is this correct?

Thank you!

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Hi pgescosa - in short yes, I would have to double check for the exact modes in this example. But I believe you got it! “Playing through the chords/changes” is exactly what you are saying. Be careful for the major or minor modes or if you are not sure stick to the pentatonic.
Have fun, enjoy the jams!


Hi @jfoss78, thanks a lot for confirming. I have re-watched it and gone to learn more about the thought process in playing through the changes.

Thanks a lot for the advice too in regards to going back to pentatonic when unsure. :slightly_smiling_face: