How to Bend Guitar Strings for Fun and Profit

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Today we are talking about bends and vibrato. Some of the key things to consider when trying to bend your guitar strings musically:  Playing clean, without noise from the other strings.IntonationBend speed I’m showing you the way I do these techniques. Of course, there are many different ways to approach them. We play rock, so…


Hello Kiko, i watched the whole video on bends and i just want to say Thank you, having someone like you spending your time to teach other ppl like me, is mind blowing, the way you teach is very clear, and the content is amazing. Thank you again and keep rockin


Hi kiko
Thank you for this vidéo et all the others. One of the difficulty that i experienced is to keep the rythm with wrist to create vibrato.
I can do it in a short phrase but it’s more difficult in context (vibrate quarter note, or eight note by using wrist at the good moment in context)
I am really grateful to you for sharing all these technics. it 's helping me a lot. See you on next vidéo :slightly_smiling_face: