Hello friends I'm trying to play Conquer or Die Solo

hello friends I’m trying to play Conquer or Die Solo. please guide me i know i am playing bad but i will keep trying Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-1DxaEN6X0

What do you mean you are playing bad? What are you noticing as not true to original?

“I’m playing bad” he says… :rofl: Gimme a break man, that’s a pretty strong first post!

Yeah, not note for note Kiko, but totally recognizable. Some bends could be more precise, but overall you did a good job! Keep on practicing. Break it up into litte sections, perfect them and then work on piecing the parts together - that is what @kiko always says!

And by the way… Welcome!

thanks man :pray:t4:
i will be keep on practice and keep Going ,Thanks a lot for commented and tips

when i recording guitar i thinks i playing on tempo but i listen up on playback so i thinks it,s bad and more notes it’s out of tempo
So i keep going to publish for comments and give me a Tips thanks you

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That is a great strategy! I am very insecure about my playing, but when I joined I decided that I will post my vids/sounds. I can get tips on how to improve plus you can use it as a “progress journal”.

Many times when we are practicing for hours every day, we don’t realize our own improvements. At least I know I don’t. But when you have a chance to listen and look back how you played e.g. 2 years ago, you assess your progress much better, because the contrast - hopefully - is stronger than between practice sessions that are a few days apart.

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