Getting out there

Hey dudes! Any suggestions on getting yourself out there? Where I live metal and hard rock isn’t the main choices out here and I’m technically in a band but not around my age level(I’m 30 and they’re in their 50’s). I really want to play covers for now but should I just create my own and hopefully people will bite?

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Getting out there as in finding musicians to play with or getting out there as in creating a following of fans?

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Yeah finding musicians:)

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Let me know what you learn, I want to do the same.

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May come as a strange suggestion but I played on the church’s worship team and that helped me a lot! As far as cover bands find where they are playing live and meet the bands and ask. A lot of people play in multiple bands.


The good thing with playing covers and recording them is you learn and get inspired in the process. It’s surprising how much you can discover in a song you knew… Or thought you knew.


Hi Fabian,

just ideas, don’t rip my head off! :wink:

If you just want to find musicians you should keep an eye on the spots where you actually find musicians.
Ask teachers in music schools if they can ask students in your age and skill level if they are searching for a guitarist or are willing to form a band with you - best you make some flyers for them to give to the students as well as for the black board of the music school.
Mind that even if someone isn’t searching for a band, he might still know someone who’s maybe interested.

Check the black boards of practicing rooms or just pin something at their doors.

Of course searching the web is always a good idea. Check black boards in music stores. Use social media.

Search the newspapers.

Do something pretty cool that is good enough for a newspaper to report about it and tell in the interview, that you are searching for band mates. I admit this is the hardest one, but as well the most promising one!

Busk - play your stuff on a lively street in the next city (no joke).

Advertise on your car.

Keep in mind that you will be more successful forming a band when you know, what you want. If you just want to play anything, be the best you can and SHOW IT!

Hope this will at least inspire you to something!

Good luck!!


Hahah yeah I guess it makes sense that you literally have to be out there in order to achieve something. I did Craigslist and it worked for a bit. Found one guy I thought could have been something, but flaked the next time, the other guy was not as experienced but never followed up either. I’m thinking of wanting to play covers with backing track but at the same time I’m not fully there to do complete solos since some of them are on another level as of now. I want to play rhythm in public without having people expect that I’m also gonna play solos.


To play only backing on the guitar is not so interesting in the long run. Maybe you could try singing?

Or get yourself a good (female) singer! I did that once for a few years and it was a great success! Then we took turns singing, did a lot of two-part singing.

And of course: Practice! But even now: I’m sure you’re already much better then the biggest part of your audience would be. The worst musician is the one who never plays for people.