Flying in a Lydian Dream

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Hey Kiko here! How are you? Have you ever listened to the song “Flying in a  Blue Dream” by the legendary Joe Satriani? I think It’s one of his most iconic songs. I’m a huge fan of Satch, especially his song, Flying in a Blue Dream.  I never tried to learn it, but I do know…


Lydian is probably the most beautiful mode, it is full of wonder and optimism. Kind of sums up the human urge to explore and search for real meaning.


I agree Ron, Lydian is the most “major” of the major modes.
I am still amazed that this single sharp 4th really pushes the emotions towards optimism and openness while the same interval, in the contest of Locrian, does not have the same effect at all.


such a great description, who likes economy picking anyway right? lol thanks Kiko!!!

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:). Yes! I don’t! lol