Fingers stretching and flying fingers

Hello all,

Any of you have tips/exercises to share about fingers stretching? My ring finger has no stretch which is a real problem when I play standing up.

Any of you have tips/exercises against flying fingers? My little finger does not want to stick to the fretboard

Thank you
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Hi friend !
Maybe these links can help you :sunglasses:


Thanks Arnaud! I ll look at that


Hi Laurent! About flying fingers I have a mad pinky finger and I try to practice this Kiko’s excercise almost every day for a few minutes, I think it’s very helpful:


Hello Lauram,

Thanks for the link. I know this exercise (the 1,2,3,4) I do it very often. But the little finger keeps on flying when I play. The 3 other fingers are under control. I am also trying to play exercise at slow speed to control the movement of the fingers, so far, progress are low.
I will also do it on scale positions as it is more in line with playing situation.

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I can definitely hear you Laurent, it’s very annoying and distracting, especially when trying to increment speed. I think it is due to excessive tension, I noticed when I really focus on relaxing my hand, arm, shoulder and breathe (I have a yogic approach on my guitar practice :blush:) it’s going a little better.
Minimal effort excercise is another one to practice regularly, I think I should do it more often.

Try doing it slowly enough to keep that pinky obeying you, raise speed very gradually making sure that little sucker is still on check.

It does take a while.


This is one excercise I do for stretching:

Take a Major 7 shape with root on D16, 3rd on G15, 5th on B14 and 7th on e13. Start lowering the notes of the chord by a half step one by one, starting with the 7th and, 5th and so on and sound each chord. Once you reach E1, then go back up. When I first started this, I couldn’t go all the way and needed to reposition my left hand fingers with my right hand. That’s OK, because the idea is to make the stretch and get your muscles to hold the shape. Eventually they will get all the way and you can start worrying about grabbing each note right behind the fret not to pull them sharp and obviously the ultimate goal is to lose the “deathgrip” and do the shifts effortlessy.


I’ll definitely want to try this one!

Nice one! I’ll definitely try it in my stretch routine

Those are very helpful! When I started the course and begin to play every day, I started to feel pain in my fretboard hand’s fingers, and those video really help me out.


Great! I ll try! Thanks


What a coincidence, I use the exact videos above! Love them! I do 5 min of cardio before the stretching videos though. Hand injuries, tendinitis and RSI’s are real issues for guitar players! No one is immune, Kiko, Yngwie, Friedman, Nita S and many other pros have suffered RSIs. Warm up properly, take care of your hands and mind your guitar posture. Especially if you are a shredder! :wink: Good luck.


Thanks for the video Laura’s. I think flying fingers was real fast fret work with tremlo picking.

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Should of said I thought. The video clarified it.