Extended Range anyone?

Anyone also play extended range guitars? 7, 8, or 9 strings?

I like to break out my 7 string to play some Trivium or some of the easier Periphery songs and an 8 string to play some Deftones or write some originals on. For me, the extended range guitars will never be my main focus but they are definitely fun for the occasional jam.


I play seven string guitars, but with a Drop A tuning.

I play metal, and started with the standard 7 string tuning, and it sounded great, but I really love the “grind” of Cannibal Corpse. There is a certain tonality that Drop A provides with the right kind of gain that is incredibly satisfying.

WhatI love about this tuning is that I am not playing death metal (instead thrash mixed with classic rock), and this means I can play the classic rock elements in standard tuning (by using the E - E strings. Then, when I want to add some grunt, I drop down to the Drop A. I love the combo.

I tested this while playing a transposed version of Tornado Of Souls. It sounded killer!

I will never go back. :slight_smile:

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Nice, Drop A is definitely cool on the 7. I use it as well for some songs. I am a metal head at heart with what are likely many of the same musical tastes as you but I also love all kinds of music and I’ve even been known to do a little improvising with jazz and the drop A is great for that.

Indeed. This is what I love about it - because you essentially have a standard tuning guitar with a rocket pack full of grunt at the bottom (the seventh string), it provides endless versatility. I tried dropping lower but it sounded too sludgy.

What 7 string guitars are you playing? I have a Ernie Ball JP7 and LTD EC1007ET. I am tempted to get one of Ola Englund’s Solar guitars. They look really well made.

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I have an ESP Eii 7 string and an ESP Ltd Stephen Carpenter 8 string.


I too have a 7 string E-II! It is a Horizon with Evertune. Extremely well made instrument though for the Jackson fanboy in me the neck is like a baseball bat. :slight_smile: My other 7 stringer is a Jackson Pro series WR7, the one with the grey ash top. Actually, this latter was my first 7 stringer. They grew on me. Especially when I realized that the 7th string can be used for much more than demolishing the neighbour’s wall.:slight_smile: It allows for a lot of cool voicings that would be impossible reaches on a 6stringer.

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Cool @nexion218, what do you think about the evertune 7? I am especially interested in the feel when resting your palm for mutes. Is is as flat as something like a hipshot or does it feel more like a tun-o-matic bridge?

Nah, forget the TOM. :slight_smile: To me it is real close to a recessed Floyd in height/hand placement. The only thing I had to adapt to was that at first I could be sloppy and let my hand slide a bit backwards because the finetuners aren’t there to remind me. I’m so used to the felling of Floyd (had nothing else in the past 15 years), that I couldn’t play aTOM for the life of me. Some months ago I tried and failed, it was so high and far from the body. I had no such trouble with the ET. Oh and forget the tuning pegs, they’re not for tuning your guitar anymore! :smiley:

I wanted to have an Evertune and it did not disappoint. It should be standard for tracking rhythm.