Collaborative video

That’s it I got to something not too bad. Do we need the backing track in the video? I do not believe ? I send it tomorrow, what is the email address or the place where I send it?
thank you :blush::clown_face:

Cool! No need to include the backing track. Just your solo/video.
If you upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, wetransfer, etc. and send me the link on here I can download it! Thanks.

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Hi guys!

Sorry for the long silence! I’ve been very busy finalizing my EP, but it’s finally out and have time again to play for fun. I’d like to give this a go if there’s still some time, but if submissions are not accepted anymore, I’ll participate in the next one.



Fine by me! Would be cool if you submitted by the end of this week, that’s what we agreed on with the other guys who were also a bit late to the party. @milesmcdonald5643 already started working on the video, let’s not strain his nerves too much…:wink:

You can find the backing track in this thread: 36 seconds looped from Grey Stone, as provided by Kiko in the 7factors course. Everybody gets one round. Record a solo and a vid of you playing it, upload a vid to some cloud service with only your part in the audio (so without the backing track) and send the link to Miles.

Gr8 to have you and please, do share your EP with us!:wink:


Yeah, end of the week would be good! I can put your name down as Jaume Antuñano San Luis on the video. If you want something different let me know!


I sent you in private message the link. Do you receive it ?
Thanks :blush::+1:t2::clown_face:

Got it! You’re all set.

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Awesome! I’ll try my best to have something decent to send @Miles tomorrow.
I shared the EP on the “Show and Tell” category. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Perfect! And yeah, you can just put my full name on the video.
Thanks man!

hi guys, I’ve recorded solo today and tomorrow I’ll make a video and synchronize it.


Hi guys! Sent my solo and video yesterday. Did you receive it, @Miles? :slight_smile:

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Yes! I was just about to email you. I put you in the timeline and you’re all set now.



Awesome! Thanks Miles!

Hey @milesmcdonald5643 I haven’t been able to record this week so if you have everybody else, don’t wait for me, I’ll do the next one…


Hi guys, here is link with my video and solo track. Have a nice day :metal:t2::slightly_smiling_face: Video Solo track

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Hi all,

The video is done and ready to go! I’ll upload it to YouTube then post it here if that’s okay with everyone.



If only I could play apple formats on my laptop… But I guess I’ll watch it yutoob then! :upside_down_face:

Fine by me! Thanx for your work!

Fine for me!!! And big thanks for the job!!


Thanks for putting it together!