Buying a guitar soon. Need some feedback

Hello there, amiguitos y amiguitas.

Right now I’m in the need of a guitar with a recessed floating bridge.

Budget is around 1000EUR.

Targets are Solar A/S models, Ibanez RG/S Prestige and LTD SN1000FR.

Any of you have played any of these models and can provide some unbiased feedback quality/playability wise? Even better if you have compared any of thoa side by side. I’m looking for a very comfortable neck and something extremely reliable.

Also, within the Prestiges I know there are some different necks, like Wizard and Ultra. Any insight on this as well?

Sadly there is not options locally for me to try them up.

Thank you all.


Though I never played either, if I had to chose between the three, I’d go Solar. I just feel like I’d get more bang for my buck due to having to pay less for the brand name logo and a higher precent of my cash goes into the actual giutar. But who knows, I might be wrong though. Btw aren’t the Prestige models out of your budget range? They seem to be around 1500-2000…

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I can find many used Prestiges for around that price.

Also, I’m willing to stretch the budget a little bit if I find worth in doing so.

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I’ve never played the LTD SN, but I’ve owned several LTD guitars in the past and really love the necks over other brands like Epiphone/Ibanez/Jackson. Right now I rock on an LTD M-1000 and it’s my favorite axe I’ve ever owned.

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I appreciate your input :smiley: !

I recently bought an Ibanez S570AH. It comes with a Wizard III neck, is very confortable it is thiner than other necks, and the body is very light and it has a very good sound, I replace the pickups for a couple of Gravity Storm from dimarzio and I really love how that guitar feels.

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I joined a Solar users group in Facebook and it seems there is a considerable amount of people having QC issues with their guitars.

And since there is no chance for me to try a Solar before buying I’m already feeling extremely hesistant to get one.

At this point I think I will lean towards an Ibanez.


I think buy a ibanez S Premium or prestige soon. I want this guitar since many year ! I love the neck and the little body :tada::heart_eyes:
But I’m playing a Vigier guitar since many years and it’s a very nice guitar !


Hah, good move on gathering intel! Its a bummer to hear though, it was on my list to try one one day.

I wonder what those issues are though… In my experience many QC issue rants on the internet stem from unrealistic expectations towards a budget or midtier model and the other common cause is incompetence in setting up the instrument.

I’m not saying there aren’t any, in fact there are many QC issues, but some I’m willing to accept. Usually I’ll take mediocre hardware, crap electronics or shitty finish if the build is good. Even an imperfect (not talking complete whack, just some high spots here and there) fretjob can be justified if the guitar is otherwise good, since eventually the frets will need to be leveled anyways.

But by all means, go for the Ibby if that’s where your investigation lead you to! Report back how it turned out!

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I’ve never tried a Vigier before but they seem to be great guitars.

Regarding Ibanez, I tried some of the first Premiums and I didn’t think they were worth the price. Didn’t feel nor looked like a guitar on that price point.

Maybe they have changed. Try first if you can. Prestiges are very fine workhorses, I do recommend them.

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I hear you, many times I’ve seen people complaining about a guitar were actually the issue is fault of the player or he/she was asking for too much. Or sometimes it is actually nothing.

This seems not to be the case. I’ve been putting attention to what kind of things people have been experiencing and they do seem to be real QC issues. Poorly finished nuts, bad neck joints (this one being the most common one), uneven frets, etc. All this in brand new guitars.

I do understand fret leveling can be required in many guitars but, from my experience, never on a new one at a certain price point. Heck, even my Squier came with a very clean neck and fret job, and that is a budget guitar (I know I got a good one though, not all of them come like this). The guitar did need a proper setup, but that’s easy peasy.

Only one of my guitars has need a fret leveling job, and that was after being played as my main guitar for some years.

I do understand they have warranty and you can return it. But I don’t like dealing with that hassle, and you still have to pay for the return shipping cost, which seems unfair to me if it is their fault for sending a guitar with issues. Plus, this is the kind of stuff I wouldn’t accept at this price point.

The good Solars seem to be pretty damn good guitars for the money though, so there is that.

I guess I’m a picky guy. But, for the record, I do enjoy guitars from mostly all the price points. I own Squier, Taylor, LTD, PRS, Mayones, you get the picture… So I think I just want a good return for the money I spend, specially since I’m not a wealthy guy and I need to diligently save money for buying gear. I want to squeez the most out of it.


Bad neck joint - OUCH! Even more bummed than after your previous post… :frowning:

Just to clarify, I didn’t mean the fret level as something that I’d happily do on a brand new guitar, but a bad fretjob is a rather easy fix if you have a competent luthier (which I fortunately do) as opposed to, say, a bad neck joint on a neckthrough guitar (Solars are neckthru, right?) or a neck made of subpar quality woods twisting around in a few years. I wouldn’t do it on a brand new guitar, I’d just be OK with it knowing it can and will be fixed with time, because eventually every guitar will need at least a levelling depending on touch and (ab)use.

But that’s just the sad state of things: electric guitars are way overpriced (thought ultimately it is us, the buyers who set the price by buying them) and not even 3+k USD can assure that you get a picture perfect instrument. I came to the conclusion that 1000-2000 USD is my range. The things that I can get for that money usually need fixes that I can perform and turn into great guitars. Also, every now and then you can find a deal in that range on a USA Jackson or Japanese ESP or whatever else floats your boat in excellent condition

By the neck joints I have seen, they look more like a set-tru neck (remember those from ESP/LTD?). They don’t seem to go all the way through the body. I’ll show you a pic.


For what is worth, I also find the 1k-2k range to be the sweet spot to get an absolutely badass guitar without paying crazy money for it. All the guitars I’ve got on that price range haven’t needed a single fix. Also, buying used goes a long way if you know how to do it. Or you can find outstanding deals in new instruments. I paid 1900 EUR for a brand new Mayones Legend V22 with custom appointments, for example.

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Sounded worse than it looks, more of a finish issue than assebmly. But yeah, I wouldn’t want something like that on a 1000+ guitar… Shame…

It’s not just the color. Users feel the neck is not all into place. They can feel the raise. It is the pocket, not the finish.

Yikes… It IS bad then… Too bad, it seemed pretty convincing when Ola made a video about how he travels to personally inspect each batch of guitars produced…

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Same here, that seemed so cool from him.

Some people are guessing he is not travelling over there because of the COVID situation, which seems plausible, but I can’t be sure about that.

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I’m a little late in responding but I haven’t played them all but I have played the LTD. I assume you are looking at the new ones with the roasted maple neck? It’s fabulous and very smooth. I’m not sure but I think all of the new ones have scalloped frets from the 17th on, they are a little different to play on if you’re not used to them.


Hey there!

Thank you for your input.

The new scalloped ones get out of budget, at that price point I’d buy something different for sure. I’m considering the white or the blue one.

I’m leaning more towards an Ibanez, but I guess I need to try the necks first. Even the Prestiges have come with different necks through the years.

Hey Aram!

While I cannot offer any feedback on Solar other than they look cool, I can give you my honest opinion regarding Ibanez Prestige.

I currently own 2 Ibanez Prestige guitars. One is a RG and has a hard tail bridge, Super Wizard HP neck and Ash body. It is my favorite guitar I’ve ever owned over the years. I bought it a couple years ago and was flawless when it arrived. Set up perfectly. The only downfall was the stock Dimarzio Fusion Edge pickups. They just didn’t sound great imho. I swapped them out for some Bare Knuckle Pickups and ever since, my other guitars collect dust. I love playing this guitar. Easy to change tunings/strings. The 2nd Ibanez Prestige is newer and has the same specs except for the bridge and pickups. It has a OG Edge tremolo and Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton pickups. It was not set up upon arrival and needed a ton of attention to get it playable. Once I set it up, it plays just as good as my #1 Ibby. Stays in tune and the pickups sound killer. Not so easy to change tuning due to the lock nut, so this one stays in E standard.

The Super Wizard HP neck is thin and feels great.

I wish you the best in your journey to find the right guitar for you! Keep us posted on what you get!

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