Blackened solo cover

Hi to everyone,
I stardet Kiko 7 factor course to improve my improvvisation skills.
I’m a 46 italian metalhead.
This is me now, next video will be an improvvisation after the 7 factor course.
Nice to meet you here.


Nice job on the solo. Are you planning to improvise over this song or your own?


I never thought to improvvise over this song…but it is an amazing idea!

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Nice, thanks for sharing my friend! I kind of forgot about this song so it’s a nice trip down memory lane too :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see that!

Nice one indeed!!! :metal:

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Thank you, I’m waiting to hear your stuff friend

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Rock on and well done! :metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4: Blackened is definitely is def a fun song! You should totally do the next part of the solo too! :grin: the last fast pull-off, hammer-on lick is a kicker!

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Thank you friend, I’m waiting to hear your stuff here. This section of the forum is little used, not as I thought :slight_smile: