Alternate picking day 3

On “Out of the Plateau” exercise 4 is it just me or does it seem like it’s hard to get 6 notes per beat on the high e and b string? I always seem like I’m missing the hits compared to the thicker strings.

I think its probably best to slow down some and try to work out the problem there… I noticed I had some issues with those strings in my right hand only fundamental practice. Particularly for me it was the string skipping exercises… I’ve worked them out since then.

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I can’t say for sure if this is your issue, but if you are planting the pick on the down stroke into the next string, then doing it on the high E might be trickier (there is no higher string to plant against) since it is slightly different movement than the other strings.


You mean rather than aiming the pick down like we would naturally do maybe just slightly raise the pick more centered?

I’m not sure I have a solution to the different nature of that string. Mostly just an awareness of if.

Yeah…that probably comes with just continuous practice.

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