7 Factor Results

Hi everyone!

I’ve been studying 7 Factor consistently over the past few months and I think it’s all starting to finally make sense! I’ve been recording my jam sessions over Kiko’s backing tracks and really liked how this one turned out.

I included what I was thinking in my head while playing to compare how others may think. The backing track is in G Aeolian and is from Mãe D Água. There is a major dominant (D major, accidentally wrote A in the video) so any F needs to be an F# over that chord. That’s the only tricky part.

Let me know your thought process while improvising. Critiques are also welcome!


That’s really nice @milesmcdonald5643! Did you apply @kiko visualization method? Excited to enroll in this course when it opens. As I can see from your results, it’s definitely worth it!

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That totally rocked man!

I’m on a short break at work, so just two quick thoughts.:

My thought process: “stay in the fuckin’ key, goddamit! Oh jeez, I hope I’m not gonna mess up this bend” :smiley:

Critique: Is that a Kelly on your wall? Give the SG a little rest then… :smiley:

Just kidding. Awesome playing. I’m not surprised though, you had a killer Megadeth cover a few months back. Way more musical sounding than what I posted the other day.:joy:

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Thank you! I used many of the techniques talked about in the course. Visualizing where the notes are is the foundation before branching out into intervals and creating emotion. Can’t wait for you to join! It has been very valuable to me!


:joy: Thank you! I was definitely pretty slow in the beginning but applying one new thing everyday helped my progress. I still struggle a bit with neutralization and switching keys. It’s why I chose a backing track with only four chords.

The guitar on the wall is a Gibson Explorer Blackout. The coolest looking guitar in my opinion. I’ll break it out for the next post!

Can’t wait! Hopefully your vids will liven up the Forum a bit. I kinda understand why my weekendhairdo-bedroombackground-cellphonecamera slopfests don’t inspire people to post on here… :upside_down_face:

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Wow congrats that’s really nice to hear !! Thats sound really musical !
And I love your thought process, that’s great for us to understand what was in your head !
I have still difficulties to apply bends and know the note that I bend ! Of course I hear if it’s a tone, semi tone, tone and a half, But hard for now to know which one is in the scale !
Is it real improvisation or did you worked it a little before ?

Thank You! I was jamming to this track for a good hour or so to familiarize myself with the mode and where the notes were. The motif was prewritten. I use it as a stopping point so I can think for a second about what I’m going to play next.

Really well done!! Congratulations :metal: i m just a few weeks in the course and it s just amazing!

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Sounds great my friend

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Really good job! I love your mix of musical moment and run!!
Also inspiring as an objective to reach through the 7 factors courses!



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